My Friend, Your Friend – March 2014


At Pathways Church, our greatest desire for our preschool children is that they know three basic truths by the time they are five years old: God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Each weekend, we help the children understand these truths through fun, interactive Bible stories, activities, and worship.

This month we will take a look at some of the greatest Bible stories ever in order to remind your preschoolers that Jesus really does want to be friends with everybody. Jesus’ love is so great and so powerful that He will always be a great friend to us all. We want your preschooler to be able to walk away this month with one simple truth, Jesus is my good friend.

Jesus truly was a good friend and will we be looking at stories such as Mary and Martha and others to illustrate Jesus’ love he shows to His friends. As the Easter weekend approaches we want your preschooler to be able understand why Jesus died on the cross for us and it is simply this; it is because He loves us so much and He wants to be our good friend.

Ask your preschoolers what they’ve learned this month, and enjoy hearing the stories from them– watch for looks of wonder as they tell you about how Jesus is a friend to each and everyone of us and how much He really loves them.

Week One: Jesus is my good friend • Mary and Martha• Luke 10:38-42
Week Two: Everyone can praise Jesus • Entry Celebration• Matthew 21:1-16
Week Three: Easter- Jesus loves me • Lords Supper, Resurrection • Matthew 26:20-30; 28:1-7
Week Four: Jesus wants to be with me forever • A Place for Us • Proverbs 17:17

Keep the conversation going at home.
As we seek to teach your children about God’s love for them, we know that no one has more influence in their lives than you. Parent Cue allows us to partner with you by providing monthly resources for you and your child to connect.

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