Compassion Church to Church

In 2010, Pathways was one of the first 30 churches to pilot a new program sponsored by Compassion International, called the Church to Church Partnership Program. Our partner church is  located in Tarakeshwar, India. Because of their strong commitment to reach the people of their village with the love of Christ, our partner church serves as a host site for the Compassion Discipleship Child Development Center, which currently serves 292 children. Our sponsorship allows the staff of the Development Center to provide each sponsored child with Bible teaching, nutritious food, sports, medical checkups, special celebrations, tutoring, educational material, vocational training, health education and cultural programs.  The children return to their (often) non-believing homes, and share what they have learned with their families…the Word of the Living God! Many families then come to know Jesus and participate in the Sunday church services. The staff also provides Bible studies for the parents or guardians of the sponsored child.

Our involvement in this partnership means that each of you, who make up the body of believers at Pathways Church, has the opportunity to provide for the children in Tarakeshwar who currently need a Compassion Sponsor. You can rescue one of these children from poverty, in Jesus’ name, by clicking on the Compassion link below. We pray that, in response to God touching our lives, we will be moved to action – to provide hope to those who need it most.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion