Trunk or Treat

Hope you are having a wonderful fall season!

Trunk or Treat plans are in full swing. It is being held on Sunday, October 31 from 4 – 7 pm. This event is one of Pathways’ best opportunities to serve and interact one-on-one with our neighbors and the families of our community.

We need support for this event in several different areas. Would you consider choosing a theme and decorating your vehicle/trunk for the occasion? Our goal is to have 50 decorated cars handing out lots of candy in the parking lot. EACH VEHICLE will be decorated with a family friendly theme such as: Hawaiian luau, farmer, Jaws, sport, hippie, or animal. This is your chance to be creative and really do it up big. The theme needs to be appropriate for young children: nothing scary, of course. EACH VEHICLE’S participants need to be dressed in a costume, accenting the theme. EACH VEHICLE needs to provide a carnival type game, for example, a ring toss, bean bag throw, toss a marble in a soda bottle, pick-a-duck.

We need great amounts of candy donated also! It must be candy that is individually wrapped. Please drop your donation in the window of the MINI COOP in the church lobby. You can’t miss it!

Trunk or Treat is also providing hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and bounce houses. We could use your help in preparing and serving these food items. We need many of you helping us to make this a great experience for our community, neighbors and friends.

Please let us know as soon as possible the theme you come up with. We really would like to have 50 cars designated by October 22.

A little tip: Food preparation will be the warm job, but it will be a festive night and a lot of fun!

Call and let us know how you can help.

Pastor Chris
Pathways Church
Children’s Ministries